A good horse trainer can make a horse do incredible things

A good horseman can make a horse want to do incredible things

- Joe Midgley


Joe Midgley

Joe Midgley is a british horseman devoted to teaching both human and horse to develop a partnership that will allow them to achieve their greatest aspirations.

             Joe trains through a physical and psychological understanding, meaning that he believes the emotions, or mental welfare of the horse is vital in creating that partnership and trust. This means no abuse, no beatings, no strapping down heads - just pure horsemanship.

              Joe has had the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the worlds best: including Chris Cox and Buck Brannaman. Day to day, Joe travels the UK teaching lessons, performing demonstrations and clinics.

Joe has been recognised as one of the UK's leading  horsemen, specifically in the fields of educating and starting young horses and helping the troubled horse.


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Joe has a whole range of training videos and articles on various subjects You can find these at www.goodhorsemanshipchannel.com. You can see some snippets of these on our youtube channel too!

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