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A good horse trainer can make a horse do incredible things

A good horseman can make a horse want to do incredible things

- Joe Midgley


Joe Midgley

For the last 10 years, Joe Midgley has been travelling the UK and internationally working with horses and riders of all levels. Joe teaches people how to communicate with horses, how to read their emotions and intent in order to overcome problems or improve performance. Horses are incredibly gifted in telling us what they want, but it is up to us to learn to listen.

Joe has worked and competed all over the world, studying with some of the best horsemen and women of our generation.


Today, Joe travels the UK performing demonstrations, clinics and private lessons. You may also find him at some larger events.

Joe has been recognized as one of the UK's leading  horsemen, specifically in the fields of educating young horses, helping the troubled horse and as an authority on the traditions of the classical Vaquero and Buckaroo.


young Horses

Performance Horses

Problem Horses





Horses in Training


Joe has a whole range of training videos and articles on various subjects You can find these at You can see some snippets of these on our youtube channel too!

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