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Problem Horses

As a teen, Joe developed a reputation of being able to ride bucking horses, or in fact any manner of problem horse people could throw at him. In recent years, Joe would tell you that anyone can learn to ride a problem horse, but it takes a horseman to not have to.

Joe aims to give you the tools to never have a problem, that said, sometimes it cannot be avoided with rescues or various other upsetting stories. Joes method of working with troubled horses is firm, but above all fair. He will develop the horses confidence while setting the boundary, so that the horse knows that any previously learned behaviour is not acceptable once any fear has disappeared. One thing Joe is insistent about is that a horse has been fully checked over by a Vet, Physio, Farrier and Dentist to ensure that the horse is in no pain before starting the training.

Joe has successfully helped multiple horses with problems such as:

Kicking                      Loading

Biting                        Mounting

Bolting                      Catching

Bucking                     Excessive fear/confidence

Rearing                      Barging

...and many more

To truly 'fix'a problem horse, it will take time and dedication. We can only help people who truly believe in their horses.

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