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Lessons & lesson days

Day to day Joe travels around the UK teaching one to one lessons with your own horse, It doesnt matter if you have a yearling, or a veteran - Joe will work with you and your horse to develop whatever you need to work on, from basic leading to flying lead changes. Joe teaches Monday to Friday, with clinics and demos taking over the weekend.

You could also organise a lesson day in your area. A lesson day is a day, this could just be a morning or afternoon, where Joe works with several horses on your yard in one to one lessons. You each watch each others lessons to make for a better learning experience.

Prices vary depending on location.

£45 per person per session - travel expenses will be added  for longer journeys.

£35 per person per session for shared lessons - travel expenses will be added for longer journeys.

£5 discount for good horsemanship channel members

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