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performance horses

A solid foundation is vital in progression, but where is it that youre aiming to go? Your destination - the performance horse! Not circus or stand up comedy, the performance horse is a horse that has been nurtured to the height of his ability, he is at the peak of his athleticism and responsiveness.

It is sad, but most riders go their whole life without feeling the lightness that is a well trained performance horse. imagine cantering with your horse perfectly soft, but you cannot feel his mouth. Imagine getting a flying lead change purely from a shift in weight. Imagine your two legs being replaced by four - that is a true performance horse.

We emphasise on the kindness of our training methods. So many trainers force a horse into doing things. Joe often says that scaring a horse into things will always work, until something comes along that is scarier than you. Trust on the other hand, that isnt so fickle.

Joe trains horses in a number of disciplines, here is a list of just some of the main movements we expect from our more advanced horse:

Side pass

leg yield

half pass (walk, trot and canter)

Spin/Turnaround - Western horses on the inside hind foot/General riding/Dressage horses outside back foot

Flying lead change

Standstill to canter

Canter to standstill

Speed control - Gallop to collected canter, Canter to walk.

Speed change through the seat, not the leg

Complete movement of the shoulders and haunches while moving forward

All of this should be achieved on a loose rein, but still with good softness and self carriage. We have trained, coached and produced horses that have gone on to successfully compete and win at; Dressage, Showing, Showjumping, Trek, Reining, Ranch riding, Western pleasure and more up to national level! And with a horse this good, imagine how easy it is hacking out!

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