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Young Horses

Joe has been recognised as one of the UKs best in starting a young horse off in their education. We believe that the foundation of any horse is imperative in developing trust, safety and performance. That is why we have such a vast groundwork programme that begins with foals! If you have an untouched older horse, fear not! There is always time for learning!

Here are just a few of the main things we insist on before we will even consider riding a young horse:

Excellent understanding of lateral and longitudinal flexion on the halter

Leading foot perfect

Good, effective control of all 7 Body parts independently

Being able to move, stop and turn a horse on the ground with subtle body cues alone

Sidepass into the mounting block

Good feet handling

Softness while out on a circle in walk and trot

Comfortable being saddled, and can perform all the same movements while saddled with no worry

We start all our horses in the halter before moving to the snaffle. Once riding confidently, we will begin to develop softness and body control under saddle so that you have a safe, confident horse to move morward in any discipline.

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