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Horses in Training

If lessons are not an option, or you think your horse will benefit from one to one with Joe then you can book your horse in for training at our facility. You may be looking for the best start for your young horse, re training of your racehorse or perhaps your horse has developed some behaviour youd like to see the back of. Take a look at the training packages we offer to see what we can give your horse in training. The time periods on each package are the advised time, you are more than welcome to stay for longer.

We love to work with you during your horses stay, and we invite you to visit us to watch your horses progress and take lessons with them before you take them home!

Body work with Hayleigh Midgley

Our training packages require your horse to be assessed by a qualified equine therapist i.e. Massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, Chiropractor etc.

Why do we ask for this?

At Joe Midgley Horsemanship, we pride ourselves in having the horse's wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. In order to do this, we always want to make sure that each horse is free from any musculoskeletal concerns before their training commences. Should any concerns arise, we are abe to tailor your horses training to accomodate this.

Our resident Qualified Equine Massage Therapist, Hayleigh, is on hand to provide these assessments and help support your horses body throughout their training with us. Hayleigh is on the yard daily, giving you peace of mind regarding musculoskeletal health during your horses stay with us.

Hayleigh Midgley specialises in:

Myofascial release therapy

Trigger point therapy

Pre and Post competition massage

Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

Kinesiology taping

Spinal freedom

Contact us to book an appointment or speak with Hayleigh about your horse.


Young horse pre-start Package:

4 - 6 weeks

Every horse deserves the best start in life. This package is aimed at youngsters age three and under, this package covers everything a horse needs to be a pleasure to handle for their owner before riding and gives them all the necessary tools needed before saddling. This package includes:

Following a feel on the halter.
Feet handling and farrier preparation.
Willingness in giving to lateral and vertical flexion.
Understanding energy.
Backing up.
Basic mounting block training.
Basic direct, drive and change of direction.

£260 per week


Full Groundwork Package:

4 - 6 weeks

The JMH Groundwork programme builds a solid foundation on which to build your advanced horse. The foundation covers our seven part body control programme, while developing a horses respect, trust and confidence in day to day activities. This package includes:

Following a feel on the halter.
Feet handling and farrier preparation.
Willingness in giving to lateral and vertical flexion.
Understanding energy.
Backing up, straight lines and circles
Basic and Advanced Direct and drive.
Mounting block
Completed Seven part body control programme.
Saddling (optional)

£260 per week


Starting Package:

6 weeks +

(completion of groundwork programme is a required prerequisite. If groundwork has not been completed, 8 weeks minimum)

Starting a horse is much more than just climbing on their backs. We believe that every horse should be given the chance to reach their full potential. Our starting package takes the groundwork into the saddle, developing a soft, supple and confiedent ridden partner. This package includes:

Groundwork check and tune up.
Saddling and girthing confidence.
Mounting block tune up.
Mounting from the block and ground.
Riding in the halter.
Bit assessment.
Bridling with confidence.
Flexion in the snaffle bit (vertical and lateral)
Seven part body control programme.
Confidence in walk, trot and canter.
Understanding a contact.
Backing up.
Basic lateral work.

£260 per week


Undesireable behaviour rectification Package:

8 - 10 weeks

Sometimes horses develop some behaviours that can be difficult or even dangerous. This can come from a number of places such as abuse, lack of foundation or pain. It is important not to use aggressive methods. Our UBR programme allows your horse to get back on the right track, in a kind and empathetic way. Behaviours include; Bucking, rearing, bolting, barging, kicking and much more


This package includes:

Identifying the origin of the behaviour.
Work through the behaviour.
Build foundations to prevent the behaviour returning.
Work with the owner to prevent the behaviour returning.

£350 per week


Progressive Ridden Package:

4 weeks +

The JMH programme takes the foundation and uses it to advance into high level performance. If your horse is riding safely but you would like to advance their skills, this is the package for you. Every horse deserves to be a champion.


The ridden package is tailored specifically to your horse, but can include:

Seven part body control programme
Understanding the four seat positions
Softness through the head, neck and back
Basic lateral work such as leg yield, shoulder and haunches in.
Rope and Garrocha work
Advanced manoeuvres such as lead changes, half passes and


Showing and competition

£260 per week

20243872431_bce5351b76_o - Copy.jpg

Showing Package

1 week +

This package is a unique opportunity to work with Joe one to one before and during competition. During your training period you will recieve:

Training from Joe riding your horse

One to one lessons on your horse

Going over any tests/patterns/courses you have for the show

Specific breakdown of competition movements (turnarounds, half passes, canter transitions etc)

Show ettiquette

At the show, Joe will attend and support you in any and all of your classes. This may include:

Joe warming up your horse for you

Lessons on the show ground

Evaluation of your classes and performance

Joe to compete your horse (western horses only)

Prices vary depending on show distance and duration. Please get in touch if you wish to be considered for this package. This package is only available to horses that have completed the JMH Groundwork programme, and spent time in the ridden programme.


Strait Tehyas Spirit and Owner Joanne after Tehya and Joe won the Western Pleasure class

at the WES Yorkshire performance show.

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