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Demo's are a great introduction to Joe's methods as well as being fun and informative. Depending on the location, Joe will either bring a horse along, or you can arrange to have one or two for Joe to work with in front of an audience.

A demo is simple - One Horseman, several horses - one big audience - the possibilities are endless!

We normally aim to have either a green horse, or a problem horse as well as a horse that is more advanced, so you can see how the methods progress.

We have been invited to, and hosted demonstrations with hundreds of spectators. If you would be interested in hosting, get in touch.

Prices vary dependent on location

Starting at £300 for private demos

£500 for a public demo (you keep the money from ticket sales)

Corporate events starting at £800 (get in touch for more info about sponsorship etc)


Joe also does talks without a horse present.

We can bring along a presentation to your riding club, livery yard, even veterinary practice and talk about anything you like. Popular talks in the past have been:

                       Training aids: Do's and dont's

                       Young horses: Where do I begin

                       Understanding the mind of a problem horse

                       (Corporate) Better engaging with clients through effective outreach programmes

... to name but a few.

Prices vary on location but start at £100

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