Rope halter and lead

The JMH Rope halter and lead are made of the finest quality materials in the UK. The halter is thin, yet soft and available in three sizes - Small, medium and large.

The lead is imported from canada, and is heavier than the more common yachting rope. With the extra weight comes a little more feel, perfect for the horseman or woman wanting to better their groundwork. We refuse to attach those huge brass buckles to the end of our ropes, so there is no fear of bashing your horses chin.

There is no better quality halter and rope available in the UK


£5 postage

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Horsemans Flag

The JMH Rope Horsemans flag if one of the very few telescopic flags on the market. The light frame and foam handgrip make it both comfortable and easy to use. The flag extends to a maximum 1.2metres, but will remain stable at any size.

Available in red, green and blue


£5 postage

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