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Horses in Training

If lessons are not an option, or you think your horse will benefit from one to one with Joe then you can book your horse in for training at our facility. You may be looking for the best start for your young horse, re training of your racehorse or perhaps your horse has developed some behavior you would like to see the back of. Take a look at the training packages we offer to see what we can give your horse in training. The time periods on each package are the advised time, you are more than welcome to stay for longer.


Starting a horse is much more than just climbing on their backs. We believe that every horse should be given the chance to reach their full potential. Our starting package takes the groundwork into the saddle, developing a soft, supple and confident ridden partner. This package includes:

Groundwork check and tune up.
Saddling and girthing confidence.
Mounting block tune up.
Mounting from the block and ground.
Riding in the halter.
Bit assessment.
Bridling with confidence.
Flexion in the snaffle bit (vertical and lateral)
Seven part body control programme.
Confidence in walk, trot and canter.
Understanding a contact.
Backing up.
Basic lateral work





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